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Were you injured on the job? If so, you may need a job injury lawsuit from our law firm. We’ve been getting injured workers the money they deserve for four decades, and we can help you, too. So contact us about your job injury, and let us see if we can help you with a job injury lawsuit.

Job Injury Lawsuit, Workplace Accidents

Such a job injury may be from an industrial job or work on a refinery, construction site or offshore oil rig, or on other maritime jobs and physically demanding jobs where workers can suffer a variety of injuries meriting a job injury lawsuit.

It’s important that the job injury isn’t your fault. Often job injuries or workplace accidents are caused by the negligence of an employer, owner, operator, contractor, co-worker or someone else whose mistakes caused an accident. An injured worker then has the legal right to claim payments for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering with a job injury lawsuit.

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    Workplace Injury

    Such a job injury lawsuit can seek fair payments to compensate a worker for such things as disfigurement, brain injury, amputation, paralysis, burns and electrical shock.

    A job injury lawsuit also can compensate workers for disease or for injury from exposure to toxic chemicals, including benzene, or for exposure to toxic substances, including asbestos, which can cause the life-threatening lung cancer known as mesothelioma.

    Workers also can suffer violent workplace injury such as broken bones, crushed or mangled limbs or injury to the spinal cord or brain. Such spine injury or brain injury can lead to partial or complete paralysis or some loss of mental or physical abilities. This can be especially true in the event of traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI.

    Worker Injuries

    Disabling worker injuries such as these should merit a job injury lawsuit or worker lawsuit. When injuries are due to negligence by an employer or someone else in the workplace, the injured worker has a legal right to seek financial compensation with a job injury lawsuit.

    Such negligence may involve an employer allowing safety standards to lapse, thus causing an unsafe workplace. Or a worker can be injured due to badly maintained or malfunctioning equipment or machinery, or due to explosions, fires and falls.

    Worker injuries can happen on maritime jobs, refinery jobs, offshore oil rig or oil platform jobs, industrial jobs, factory jobs and construction jobs, among many types of workplace jobs.

    Workers Compensation

    An experienced job injury lawsuit lawyer should be notified immediately after a worker accident injury or an on-the-job injury. Such a job injury lawyer can help an injured worker decide if accepting workers compensation insurance is the best course of action, or if higher payments can be sought and secured via a job injury lawsuit.

    Often, workers comp does not provide nearly enough money for injured workers, and accepting it may mean the worker forfeits his or her right to sue an employer for higher payments. But a job injury lawsuit can protect an injured worker and his or her family financially.

    Many worker accidents or workplace injuries are devastating, leading to lost present and future wages, high medical costs and pain and suffering. Yet such costs can be compensated by means of a job injury lawsuit.

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    Get free legal advice toward a job injury lawsuit by calling us or submitting our online free case review form. Besides free legal advice, we can provide a job injury lawsuit without charging you legal fees.

    After a worker injury, victims needs legal help they can trust. They need an experienced job injury lawsuit lawyer from our law firm — a law firm that’s been helping injured Americans get the money they legally deserve for 40 years.

    Get a job injury lawsuit from our law firm, and get the results you and your family need — and deserve.

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